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Exclusive Sales & Service Partner for:

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Distributor in Malaysia

Remote visual inspection also stand for RVI is a non-destructive testing technique that employs the use of remotely operated cameras and robotic crawlers in order to assess the integrity of components and infrastructure in areas that are too dangerous or remote for direct human intervention.

Vinten Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd is a leading creative agency providing Remote Visual Inspection & Non-destructive Testing Equipment as well as preventive maintenance service and repair on the equipment also well-known distributor in Malaysia. With total of 15 years’ experience, we have a proven track records working for a wide range of clients included Oil & Gas, petrochemicals plants, aviation, power gen, security, automotive industry & etc.

Tormin Sole Distributor in Malaysia

Vinten Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd is Sole Distributor, specialized in electrical instruments, heavy duty spare parts and Explosion Proof Industrial Lighting in Malaysia.

Wohler Videoscope Inspection System Distributor in Malaysia

Wohler USA Inc. is the leading manufacturer of visual inspection camera systems. Our pipe and sewer inspection cameras are made in Germany and feature cutting-edge technology like pan-and-tilt camera heads, video-recording capability, and digital-distance measurement with locators. We have video inspection equipment for small and large applications, whether you’re looking to buy a borescope or videoscope for residential pipe inspection, a more advanced push-camera system with a locator for sewer inspection, or a push-rod camera for chimney inspection. Our inspection cameras will save you time and ensure your accuracy as you investigate damage and repair pipes, sewers, and chimneys.

Vinten Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd is proud to be appointed as Woler Videoscope inspection system distributor for Malaysia region.