1. It can be widely used in petrochemical plants, oil platforms, oil pump housing, transit stations and other flammable and explosive places as fixed lighting.
  2. Gas explosive environment: Group IIA, IIB, IIC.
  3. Zone1, Zone2; Zone21, Zone22


  1. It is made using a special aluminum housing, anti-corrosion performance than 304 stainless steel, suitable for long-term highly corrosive environment of offshore platforms, chlor-alkali, hydrogen sulfide, etc.
  2. The anti corrosion, abrasion proof, power coated cover which is dust proof, water proof, make the lamp an excellent option for all kinds of high environment.
  3. All 304 stainless steel bracket screw (customizable 316), can effectively guarantee the long-term strength and strong corrosion problems of lamps.
  4. Terminals are provided at both ends, can be directly wired in parallel, eliminating the junction box and installation costs.
  5. A variety of installation as optional: ceiling, oil derrick, the side walls, curved rods, boom, etc.

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