1. This product is suitable for construction work, accident rescue, line, equipment inspection, maintenance and various flammable and explosive places as mobile lighting


  1. The dual modes of spot and flood light can be switched freely. When the lamp is working, it will switch with the switch for 3 seconds;
  2. The bottom of the lamp has a strong adsorption function, which can be easily adsorbed on all kinds of pipe, and can also be adsorbed on category cabinets. The adsorption force is much higher than similar products.
  3. The irradiation angle can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 135 degrees.
  4. CREE light source, strong light power of 13 watts;
  5. Stainless steel 304 externally coated silicon rubber handle, which will not hurt your hands for many years;
  6. Protection level reaches IP66, which can effectively resist strong rainstorm;
  7. When the lamp is off, long press for two seconds to automatically detect the power, flash 5 times for full power, flash 4 times for 80% power, and so on.

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