BW7101A/ B


  1. This product is widely used in high-voltage line inspection, search and rescue, equipment inspection, maintenance and various flammable and explosive places as mobile lighting.
  2. Hazardous gas area zone 1 and 2
  3. Hazardous dust area zone 21 and 22


  1. Digital power display, real-time understanding of lighting time;
  2. Using ultra-high brightness LED, suitable for field line inspection operations and search targets;
  3. The heat dissipation adopts a patented structure to quickly reduce the temperature of the light source, effectively ensuring the reliability and service life of the light source;
  4. The shell is made by CNC precision processing, the surface of the shell is treated with the hardest oxidation, and the overall exquisite atmosphere;
  5. It can be equipped with a rubber protective sleeve to increase the resistance to wear and tear and extend the service life of the product;
  6. Built-in 4 or 6pcs 18650 lithium batteries, strong battery life, you can choose according to the use.

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