Quickly turn asset data into digital insights, with Elios 3 – the first mapping and inspection indoor drone, offering an unmatched combination of intelligence, versatility and stability.

Drone-based inspection is not a technology of the future, it is a necessity for today’s digital fast-paced world. With the 4th industrial revolution in motion, organizations are looking to deliver digital transformation of their industrial processes, while cutting costs and bettering workers’ environments. Elios 3 helps industrials effortlessly achieve these goals by bringing their inspections and mappings to the next level.

Relying on the power of computer vision and LiDAR mapping, Elios 3 is a versatile indoor drone opening doors to a world where performing systematic inspections does not require months of training, reporting is done intuitively on a 3D model of your asset, and situational awareness is built into the piloting app.

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Dimensions 48cm wide; 18.9 in
38cm high; 13.8 in
Motors 4 fast reversing electric brushless motors
Propellers 4 propellers, 5 inches
Max Flight Time up to 12 minutes 30 seconds
Battery Capacity 4,350 mAh
Flight Control Sensors IMU, magnetometer, barometer, lidar, 3 computer vision camera and ToF distance sensor
Flight modes ASSIST – Stabilized mode
ATTI – Attitude mode
SPORT – Sport mode
Materials Carbon fiber – kevlar composites, magnesium alloy, aeronautical grade aluminum, high-quality thermoplastics
Fail Safe Auto-landing on signal lost


Type High-efficiency LEDs for even lighting in front, top and bottom, optimized for low impact of dust
on picture quality.
Control From remote controller, adaptive light beam controlled by camera pitch
Modes Normal mode (4x panels used)
Dustproof lighting (2x outer panels used only)
Selective/oblique lighting (left or right side only)
Light Output Normal mode
– 20W default, 1x E2 max illumination.
>> Working up to >50°C without thermal throttling
– 40W boost, ~2x E2 max illumination
>> Working up to 30°C without thermal throttling

Dust mode
– default is equivalent to 1x E2 max illumination.
– Throttling temperature >30°C”

Temporary Peak Power:
– max 100W
– 16000 Lumen


Image Sensor 1/2.3″ CMOS
Effective Pixels: 12.3 M
Sensitivity: Optimized for low light performance
Photo Formats JPG
Video Formats MOV
Video Recording Resolutions 4K Ultra HD: 3840 x 2160 @ 30 fps
FHD: 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
Video Streaming Resolution FHD: 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
Movie Field of View (FOV) 114° horizontal, 131° diagonal
Photo Field of View (FOV) 119° horizontal, 149° diagonal
Total Vertical Field of View (FOV) approximately 244° including camera tilt including 180°C
without obstruction
Lens Depth of Field (DOF) 2.71 mm focal length; fixed focus
Storage Media MicroSD card, up to 128 GB


Image Sensor Lepton 3.5 FLIR
Video Recording Resolution 160 x 120 @ 9 fps
Lens Field of View (FOV) 56° x 42°
Lens Depth of Field (DOF) 15cm to infinity
Sensitivity (NEDT) <50 mK
Wavelength 8 -14 um