1. This product is suitable for indoor lighting places such as the office of the factory.


  1. Engergy-saving、enviroment friendly、high brightness,save 60% engergy than grid light.
  2. Instant start,no glare,no humming,no stroboscopic.
  3. Ultra light, excellent circuit design,singal led damage will not affect light luminous efficiency and service life.
  4. Side-emitting uniform soft, comfortable,bright, alleviate eye fatigue, emitting angle is wider.
  5. Stylish, elegant appearance, no color change.
  6. Convenlent installation, ceiling,embedded or grid installation. Can repalce same specification grid light or ceiling light,
  7. Under the condition voltage is not stable,the constant current drive still operate panel light normally, driver is approved by UL,TUV,CE,SAA,ROHS certificate.

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