This product is suitable for inspection, repairing, rescue, and some other night work tasks.


  1. This unit have hand recharge function which meet the customer’s quick recharge requirement. It can also charge your mobile phone.
  2. Adopt CREE LED as light source with high luminous efficiency, 100,000 hours service life. Powered by rechargeable lithium battery, no memory effect, low discharge rate and environment friendly.
  3. Press the button for 2 seconds, the lamp will switch to floodlight mode which runtime can reach 55 hours.
  4. Equipped with magnetic base on the bottom, available adsorb to all kinds of iron material equipment, making it more convenience for the operator to work.
  5. The head of the lamp is adjustable, 120┬░tilt.
  6. The unit is small size and light weight, easy to carry.
  7. High light and low light are switchable easily.
  8. The unit has battery status inspection function and low battery warning function. User can check the battery level at any time. The searchlight design has a large size handle and large button switch, easy to operate even with gloved hands.
  9. The fluorescent material rubber plug on the bottom of the lamp can serve as a personal indicator and safety warning function.
  10. It is made of PC material, high strength body and sealed to IP66.