1. Indoor and outdoor lighting for power plants, steel plants, chemical plants, etc..


  1. Using high-tech surface spraying technology, wear-resistant, corrosionresistant, waterproof, and dustproof, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments.
  2. The radiator adopts a fin structure design, the light source adopts a decentralized layout and power split structure, which can be suitable for high temperature and high humidity working environment for a long time.
  3. Multiple installation methods and the same appearance can effectively solve the image and aesthetic problems of the workshop and the device platform.
  4. The lamp adopts imported light source, the light spot has no dark area, and the overall lighting effect is up to 110lm / W, which is more than 60% energy saving compared with the metal halide lamp.
  5. AC and DC wide voltage constant power supply, power factor up to 0.98.
  6. The lamp is equipped with an angle locking device to ensure that the irradiation direction is not displaced in a vibration environment.

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