1. Suitable for streets, roads, highways, square, parks, parkinglots, etc.


  1. The light source power source is separated for heat dissipation, with good heat dissipation effect, long lifetime, suitable for high temperature and high humidity outdoor environment;
  2. Lumileds light source, the overall light efficiency is as high as 120lm/W on average, which is more than 60% energysaving compared with the metal halide lamp;
  3. Use high-end brands (MEAN WELL, Inventronics) aluminum shell plastic-sealed outdoor special power supply, wide input range, constant current and constant voltage output, high power factor, high efficiency, dual-stage PFC, anti-lightning surge, and ensure long-term stability of the lamp Efficient output;
  4. The protection level of the whole lamp reaches IP65, which can be used in various indoor and outdoor sand, dust or rain and fog environments for a long time.

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