1. This product is widely used in main roads, secondary roads, branch lines, factory roads, small parks, courtyards, auxiliary roads, pedestrian passages and other areas inside and outside the factory.


  1. Can follow up on local specific conditions and flexibly customize high lumens and high luminous flux solutions;
  2. Integrated design scheme, easy to install. All accessories can be replaced, with low maintenance costs.
  3. Intelligent controller cooperates with infrared sensor or microwave sensor to ensure longer lighting time.
  4. Using high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels, the conversion efficiency is as high as 19.8%; the battery pack uses Class A 32650 lithium iron phosphate batteries with excellent performance.
  5. Use special connectors with clear colors to prevent misconnection.
  6. Adjustable mounting arm design, multi-angle adjustable. Suitable for many kinds of light poles and many latitudes.
  7. Professional waterproof design, protection grade reaches IP66.
  8. Can resist 65m/s gale.

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