BC9303 Series



1. Ideal to be used in the oilfield, chemical industry, steel industry, power, port, Petroleum etc.2. Harsh environment, moist area.
3. Gas explosive environment : Group IIA, IIB, IIC
4. Zone 1, Zone2; Zone 21, Zone 22
5. Temperature class: T1 to T6


1. The light distribution and its mounting types are especially designed for the platform.2. It adopts American CREE LED as light source, can save 60% or more on energy than the metal halide lamp.
3. The housing is designed to dissipate heat, which increase the efficiency and the lifespan of the LED, so that to ensure the 100,000 hours led lifespan.
4. Supplied with the world top ranking Taiwan Meanwell LED driver, ensure the lamp of high performance, more efficient.
5. The anti corrosion, abrasion proof, power coated cover which is dust proof, water proof , make the lamp an excellent option for all kinds of high stress environment.
6. 18-43VAC or 18-55VDC is optional for 25W and 40W as customer’s requirement.

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