ZY9710 Series


It is ideal to be used as floodlight at the large workshop, plant, stations and anywhere a highly durable and efficient light source is needed.

1. It adopts American BridgeLux LED as light source, which is lead in integrated light source technology and performance in the world.
2. Vane type structure housing accelerate the heat dissipation, so that to ensure the LED service life.
3. Equipped with world top ranking brand Taiwan Meanwell electrical appliance, make the lamp’s performance more stable and efficient.
4. The locking device on the bracket will keep the lamp from shift or trembling during harsh vibration.
5. The housing is made of light aluminium alloy, with sealing, spraying treatment, and shock proof design, strong resistant to corrosion, water and high temperature, applicable to various harsh environments.
6. Parallel connection is available, no need to use junction box.
7. Beam angle: 90°(standard), 60°, 120°and streetlight beam angle is optional.

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