BC5401 Series

Specializing in industrial lighting research and development, production and sale of the national high-tech enterprises.


1.Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, terminals, ports, aerospace,

2.aviation, military, processing and other places.

3.Harsh environment, moist area.

4.Gas explosive environment: Group IIA, IIB, IIC

5.Zone 1, Zone 2; Zone 21, Zone 22

6.Temperature class: T1 to T6


1.ceiling, pole, wall mounting type.

2.Equipped with the world brand light source, electrical appliance.

3.Products using flameproof increased safety structure, easy to install with separate wiring chamber,

meet the latest requirements of explosion proof lighting, safe and reliable operation in explosive hazardous areas.

4.Light housing made of aluminum alloy, high strength, stainless steel exposed fasteners not color, not rust, can prevent rain