BC9302S Series


Equipment platform, equipment layer area, main and auxiliary workshop, channel, pipeline, joint station, transfer station, pump valve shed, tank, material sample, plank road, warehouse room, warehouse and other places.
Hazardous Gas Zone 1 and Zone 2
Dangerous dust Zone 21 and Zone 22


  1. Large light surface flexible light output, no glare, no blue light hazard, especially suitable for long-term lighting in a working environment.
  2. The translucent cover is made of non-transparent tempered glass, which is extremely resistant to weathering and acid and alkali.
  3. The shell is made of aluminum alloy, the standard part is made of 304 stainless steel, and the surface is made of high-tech anticorrosion
    treatment technology, which is suitable for various harsh industrial environments.
  4. The luminaire has two access ports, which can be used in parallel as a connection, saving the cost of installing the junction box in the middle.
  5. The lamp opening and closing connection design enable single person installation and maintenance, saving labor costs.
  6. American Lumileds light source, the overall lighting efficiency is as high as 100lm / W, compared with the metal halide lamp energy saving more than 60%.
  7. The whole lamp protection grade is IP66, which can be applied to various indoor and outdoor sand dust or rain fog and sea wave environment for a long time.