It is ideal as a personal indicator to identify the position of workers, it also can serve as signal communication tools in all kinds of the hazardous area such as construction, fire fighting, rescue etc.


1. Intrinsically safe type of protection can be safely used in various flammable and explosive fields (including Zone 0).

2. Waterproof & Drop Resistant: Made of PC material, drop resistant to 1 meter.

3. Runtime: Powered by two AAA battery. The continuous runtime can exceed 500 hours.

4. Flexible&Convenience: Small size, Lightweight, easy to operate. It is magnetic, can be attached to the iron surface.

5. Ambient Temperature: -60℃ -150 ℃.

6. Colour Available: The tracker light is available in the following five different colors according to customers requirements: red, blue, yellow, green, white.