BW7300A, BW7300B


1. It is applicable to mobile lighting in Zone 1 and Zone 2 explosive and flammable places.

2. This product is used in the fields of electric power, fire fighting, petrol, petrochemical, metallurgy, etc. It can also be used for signal communication and personal indicator to identify the position of the workers.


1. It adopts CREE LED light source. BW7300A’s effective beam range is 130meters. Its flashing beam can reach 6,000meters.

2. It is sealed to IP67, water proof to 1 meter. Powered by lithium battery which provide a long service life and low discharge performance.

3. Light mode: high, low, strobe light.

4. This product has battery status indication and low battery warning function, Operator can check the battery status at any time. Towards the end of discharge, the beam flashes off repeatedly, warning recharging is required.

5. The flashlight can also fixed onto the helmet by the buckle. Its light beam angle is adjustable.

6. The flashlight is supplied with a short strap. And it is designed for easy storage in pocket.

7. The recharging and discharging is controlled by the chip with multiple protection.