The CRAB ROBOT is a modular crawler designed for navigation of pipings between diameters of 50mm to 1,000mm. It’s unique state-of-the-art design allows the robot to navigate tight bends (as small as 0.8x D) and vertically in pipes.

The drive unit consists of 6 spring loaded motor drive arms. These powerful motors, combined with planetary transmission, 32 radial ball bearings and 12 rubber coated wheels enables the CRAB ROBOT to achieve maximum traction inside the piping and perform the inspection with ease. The spring loaded drive arms also ensures that the robot is precisely in the center of the pipe, and enables the robot to adapt to uneven surfaces and even navigate past cross sections.

Camera head options such as foward view, pan-tilt or pan-tilt-zoom cameras are also available for the CRAB ROBOT, and produces sharp, crisp images with the CCD imager integrated in the camera module.

The CRAB ROBOT is highly customizable with the possibility to mix and match between various robot chassis and cameras to obtain the ideal configuration for any kind of pipe inspections. The cable length is also extendable and is able to achieve extended travelling distance with additional robot chassis.

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CRXS-50 CRXS-50/75 CRXS-75/95
Pipe Inner Diameter 50 mm
50 to 75 mm
2″ to 3″
75 to 95 mm
3″ to 3.7″
Min. Bend Radius 3x D 5x D 1.5x D
Spring Shock Absorbers 1x variable absorbers
Driven Wheels 12 12 12
Gears 6x Planetary Gears 6x Planetary Gears 6x Planetary Gears
Max Speed 4m/min 4m/min 4m/min
Horizontal Traction Force 35N 35N 46N
Recommended Cable Length 20 to 30m 20m 30m
Voltage 12 VDC 12 VDC 12 VDC
 Robot Body Length 92mm 92mm 120mm
Weight (W/O Camera) 0.15kg 0.25kg 0.54kg
Material Aluminium Anodized Aluminium Anodized Aluminium Anodized
Waterproof Splash Proof Splash Proof Splash Proof


Applicable Models CRXS-50
Camera Type Axial View Axial View
Image Sensor 1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD 1/2″ Sony Super HAD CCD
TV Lines 480 Lines 700 Lines
Focus Fixed Focus Fixed Focus
Field of View (FOV) coming soon 150°
Lighting 8 high intensity LEDs 16 high intensity LEDs
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C -10°C to 50°C


Compatibility For XS Series
Cable Drum Length 30 metres
Cable Material Robust plastic coated cable with gold plated slip rings
Optional Add-ons Additional cable length upon requests
Tungstren braided cable upon requests
External Meter Counter
Trolley for Control Unit & Cable Reel


Compatibility For XS Series
Display 7″ LCD Touch Monitor with Digital Recorder
Storage Media micro SD card; up to 32 GB
Operating System Android
Voltage 230V
Functions 2x Drive Controls
2x Speed Controls
Camera control joystick
Focus & Zoom function
Dimensions 486 x 392 x 192 mm
Integrated with Pelican case
Optional Addons Annotation keyboard
Meter Counter
Trolley for Control Unit & Cable Reel