ZW3500 / ZW3510 Series


It is applicable to large and high brightness lighting in the operation sites of large scale construction, rescue and maintenance, accident handling, disaster relieve, etc.


  1. The unit can tilt within 300 degrees vertically. The remote control can control the lamp rotation and the light tower on/off within 30meters.
  2. The air pump controls extension of the mast.
  3. The caster wheels and railway wheels on generator set ensure the easily transportation on uneven road.
  4. The unit is made of high strength metallic materials to ensure the normal operation under various harsh environments and climate. It is IP65, and can stand force 8 wind fresh gale.
  5. This product is adjustable according to customer’s requirements.
  6. Equipped with control box except the remote control. When the remote control doesn’t work or the battery dead, operator can use the control box to control the light tower.
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