ZW7710B, ZW7710C


  1. This strong light flashlight was developed by our company based on the actual needs of public security, police, duty, law enforcement staff, and can be widely applied to public security agencies, railways, transportation, civil aviation, forestry public security agencies and customs departments.


  1. ZW7710B has built-in dual-mode control chip, which can select lighting mode according to actual demand
  2. The type-C socket is used as the charging port, which can be connected with the type-C charging wire of the mobile phone
  3. Four blue LEDs on the sideshow the battery power, intuitive and practical
  4. The head is designed as a plum-shaped percussion head, which can be used as a safety hammer in case of emergency to break the glass and escape
  5. Side switch, anti-skid groove design of cylinder body, equipped with a hand-held safety rope, the tail is larger than the cylinder body, not easy to take off
  6. 1-meter drop without impact, normal operation in a low-temperature environment
  7. Cree light source in the United States, with high brightness and long service life

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