BW6310A, BW6310B



It is used as safety helmet head light explosive gas, vapour and mist places. It is the ideal lighting solution for workers in power station, oil filed, chemical industry, fire fighting, railway station, military etc.


1. It not only can be fixed onto the helmet with the screws provided, but also can be fixed onto the helmet or head by the elastic headband. The head of the light is adjustable within 90°, operator can rotate the head of light to the desired direction.

2. The red strobe light design to suit numerous application where indication is critical during emergency. Press the button and switch to the red strobe light mode ,It can let others identify the position of the worker.

3. This product has battery status indication and low battery warning function, Operator can check the battery status at any time. Towards the end of discharge, the beam flashes off repeatedly, warning recharging is required.

4. Adopts CREE LED light source with high light efficacy and 100,000 hours service life. Use of the latest safety increased lithium-ion battery technology improves reliability and environment friendly.

5. The charger is controlled by intelligent chip, with various protection.

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