ZW3500D Series



1. This product is suitable for a variety of large- scale construction work, maintenance repair, incident handling and disaster relief work site, high brightness lighting needs.


1. 2* 240W of LED lamp light efficiency up to 120lm / W, can replace two 400W Metal Halide Lamp , energy consumption reduced by 60%.

2. Imported LED light source, seismic performance under vibration environment, life is 10 times more than traditional Metal Halide Lamp.

3. Wireless remote control + manual control: can remote control lifting poles and lamps with 30m, the switch on the generator also can be used to achieve the same functionality.

4. Full-cycle thermal design, suitable for hot and humid environment; the up and down ventilation fin structure, can avoid dust.

5. Using the same grade or brand Meanwell AC and DC wide voltage constant power supply, power factor up to 0. 98.

6. Lighting angle locking device is provided to ensure vibration environments irradiation direction is not displaced.

7. The bottom of the generator set is equipped with casters, can 360°.

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