ZY8607P Series



1. Suitable to port transport corridors, oxidation plant, and other wet corrosive environments.


1. Housing made of special aluminum processing, hardware, and brackets adopt 304 stainless steel, using high-tech anti-corrosion surface treatment technology, can be long-term suitable for seaside, chlor-alkali, hydrogen sulfide and other highly corrosive areas.

2. Superconducting aluminum comprehensive self-loop thermal design, long-term suitable for operating environment with high temperature and high humidity. Upper and lower ventilation fin structure, no dust.

3. Variety of light distribution, the variety of installation types, same shape, an effective solution to beautify workshop and device platform.

4. It adopts Imported light source, no dark zone in the light spot, no ghosting, the entire lighting efficiency average up to 120lm / W, can save 60% or more on energy than the Metal Halide Lamp.

5. AC and DC wide voltage constant power supply, can long-term use in voltage instability places.

6. It can quickly replace the light source without welding.

7. Trunnion openings connecting the device can achieve single installation and maintenance work.

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