ZY8101A ZY8101B


It is ideal to use in the factory, railway station, workshop, large storage, gym, large scale building area, tunnel and laneway as emergency illumination.


  1. Type A: usually can be used for 24 hours lighting lamps and lanterns to use, when the accident to provide emergency lighting;
  2. Type B: accident to provide emergency lighting.
  3. Apply the design of lens with different angles, make irradiation surface wider, fully effective use of light. Illumination uniformity, no glare, does not cause eyestrain of workers, improve work efficiency.
  4. Radiator adopt fin structure design, light source adopt decentralized layout and separate structure of power, long-term suitable for operating environment with high temperature and high humidity.
  5. It adopts American CREE LED as light source, no dark zone in light spot, can save 60% or more on energy than the metal halide lamp.
  6. Equipped with electrical appliance of Meanwell or similar quality power driver AC- DC wide voltage constant power supply, power factor up to 0.98.
  7. The locking device on the bracket will keep the lamp from shift or trembling during harsh vibration.
  8. Housing made of aluminum alloy, all exposed fasteners adopt 304 stainless steel. using high-tech anti-corrosion surface treatment technology, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial operating environment.
  9. According to user needs, achieve a variety of intelligent control.

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