ZY8810, ZY8820


  1. This product is ideal to use as floodlight or emergency lighting in workshops, warehouses, trenches, tunnels and some other public places.


  1. Automatic emergency: after power failure automatically switch to batterypowered lamps provide continuous lighting after power failure.
  2. Manual emergency: after power failure lamps do not automatically switch to battery power, you need to toggle through external switch or push-button switch on the lamp.
  3. Normal lighting + emergency lighting: usually can be used as ordinary lamps, power failure, used to provide emergency lighting.
  4. Emergency lighting: provide emergency lighting at the time of the accident. With power failure simulation test function, you can quickly test fixture installation functionality.
  5. Has tested function, can quickly test lamps installed function is normal or not.
  6. The light source adopts the world’s most bright LED, power consumption for only 40% of the metal halide lamp.
  7. Efficient radiator effective solution the LED failure which because of temperature rise, so as to ensure the life to 50,000 hours.
  8. The transparent part is made of the imported PC materials, with anti-dazzle design. Featuring gentle light, even lighting and no dazzle, it can effectively avoid visual fatigue caused to operators during the operation.
  9. Emergency power using lithium-ion polymer battery, safe and effective long Life time.

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